Lighthouses of England

Lighthouses of England


The lighthouses of North and South Foreland are described in detail in this book - Light on the Forelands by Ken and Clifford Trethewey.

A0900: Dover Harbour Admiralty Pier (1908)

A0902: Dover Harbour Prince of Wales Pier Head (1902)

A0902X: Dover Castle (AD40)

A0924: Dover Harbour South Breakwater West Head (1842)

A0926: Dover Harbour South Breakwater Knuckle (1909)

A0876X: Dungeness (1) (1615)

A0876Y: Dungeness (2) (1635)

A0876Z: Dungeness (3) (1792)

A0876.1X: Dungeness (4) Low (1904)

A0876W: Dungeness (4) High (1904)

A0876: Dungeness (5) (1961)

A0892: Folkestone Harbour Breakwater Head ()

A2008: Kingsferry Bridge Front ()

A2008.1: Kingsferry Bridge Rear ()

A1972: Margate ()

A0966: North Foreland (1636)

A0957: Ramsgate East Pier Head ()

South Foreland (Overview)

A1980: Whitstable South Quay ()